With over 20 years of combined experience, the team at B&G Drywall offers a wide range of drywall and painting services for residential or commercial applications.

Residential and Commercial Drywall

Whether you are building a new home, adding on, or restoring an older home to its original beauty, B&G Drywall will complete your drywall projects quick, with quality. We offer wall repair for water damage, cracks, holes, and loose joint tape, and we’re masters at smooth finishes or custom texturing wall techniques that will complement any room. We’re also experienced at commercial drywall installation and wall repair, and texturing wall finishes in structures such as office buildings, retail stores, restaurants and banks.

Taping and Texturing Wall Techniques

In theory, hanging sheetrock is simple: cut the sheets to size, hang them with screws, and finish with mud, tape, and sand paper. In truth, a great drywall contractor is an artist whose subtle expertise will make you forget that your house has a skeleton. Done well, a room has a clean, solid look to it, but poor drywall taping, wall repair or texturing wall treatments stand out like a sore thumb. The craftsmen at B&G will do your taping and finishing right the first time, but we’re also happy to come in and fix someone else’s inferior work.

Good Drywall Installation and Taping:

  • Joints should disappear
  • No evidence of nails or screws
  • Corners are crisp
  • Wall itself should be smooth and flat
  • No dust residue to inhibit paint adhesion

Custom Wall Texturing: Adding texture is a great way to bring new life to old walls or to make new drywall stand out. Styles include:

  • Popcorn texture is available for both ceilings and walls, with ceiling texture being the most popular.
  • Orange peel texture delivers a soft, uniform appearance, and is a great way to add interest to boring drywall or to cover imperfections on existing drywall.
  • Knockdown texture is also referred to as splatter texture, and it gives rooms a Mediterranean feel.
  • Stomp texture is literally stomped onto the drywall with a brush and can be rough, slightly textured, symmetrical or completely abstract.
  • Texture matching: We can match a wall or repaired portion of a wall or ceiling to and existing texture so that it is virtually impossible to detect.

Since every drywall job is unique, please contact us and one of our professionals will come out to your location at the best time for you and give you a quote, FREE of charge!